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A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act. — Mahatma Gandhi

Jesus Christ is the most celebrated, polarizing, embraced, disputed, loved, despised, believed, doubted, enlightening yet misunderstood figure in human history. One thing He is not, is ignored. There is no indifference on the subject of Christ. More than a religious figure and beyond the bearded visage in stained glass, He’s either who He says He is or He’s a liar. If not a liar, perhaps a lunatic, but there are no other options.

If He is a liar, He has certainly pulled off the greatest heist ever known. He’s the only man who claimed to be God, that actually performed miracles as if He was God and then ultimately allowed himself to be murdered for the very people who tortured Him because they didn’t believe He was God. Humbly volunteering to die is hardly the work of a con man. So perhaps he was insane? The Bible was written over the span of 1,500 years by over 40 authors, and it has one central narrative – Jesus, the Son of God, hope for humanity. This book tells of Jesus’ arrival on earth hundreds of years before His birth. The remainder of the scriptures confirm the prophecies about His birth, miracles, His death and resurrection and showcase the church He founded years after He left the earth. Can the greatest selling book of all time be the work of a deranged man? Can a lunatic orchestrate such mastery?

Our final conclusion is that Jesus is who He says He is. The living, breathing Son of God. The hope of the world. The one true God. Savior of all. Worthy of utmost admiration and praise.

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