Masculinity has been painted in the wrong light. Society often confuses it with machismo, or worse, indifference. But that’s really selling it short. Manhood is about strength, service and love. Even in the hard moments. The big fight. When you’ve been wronged. Betrayed. It takes strength to love your enemies. To be courageous when physical safety is on the line. That’s where manhood really happens. When it’s hard and you have but a moment to decide which way you’re gonna go. You can take the easy way out, or you can dig in, grit your teeth and give something that may cost you big.

Jesus showed love when it wasn’t earned. He gave with no expectation of something in return. Completely unconditional. We will give when it hurts. Stand when it’s easier to quit. Persevere when others walk the opposite way. We will fight for the forsaken, abandon comfort and pursue justice.

When life is hard, we will stand with courage. 

Because this is what it means to be a man.