The Adjutancy was established by Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II, Senior Bishop and Establishmentarian of the Pentecostal Churches of Christ while serving in The Church of God in Christ in 1970. Bishop Ellis saw the need to create a corp of men (later, women) to serve those significant areas, which would provide an “assist” to the Supreme Leaders of the Church.

Within the Adjutancy, was the need to exercise the greatest tact, piety, dignity, timeliness, confidentiality and non-familiarity. This role also required that of maintaining the best social relationships with peers and superiors.

The primary role of the Adjutancy is to “sanctify the leaders in the eyes of the people”, create a positive atmosphere for the leader and the people, and to oversee the vestments of all Priests and Levites.

The adjutancy is a Bible ordained position. Among those persons serving as adjutants (some know it as armor bearers) in the Scriptures were David for Saul and Elisha for Elijah. An adjutant is responsible for his or her leader at all times. The position of adjutant should not be viewed as one of popularity, but one of self-denial, submission and sacrifice. Just like God calls, commissions and celebrates His leaders, God also selects special men and women to serve His leaders.

This department aids in helping the vision of the leader come to pass by directly assisting the leaders, in return allowing them to clearly focus on their vision. The Adjutancy is a commitment to God and leadership. Being an Adjutant is not about being glamorous. Instead it’s about sacrifice. As an Adjutant you serve and give, not because you are looking for something in return, but because you love your leaders.